Symphony of tastes

When creating this range, we were inspired by the design of the box with Armenian doors, which we can find especially in Gyumri. Doors are magic. They can take us to other worlds, even imaginary ones. There are 3 assortment of doors, with its own history.

The gift set “Symphony of Tastes” of Aregi Company is a real “Box of Happiness”. The symphony of tastes of Armenian delicacies will impress natural and original sweets lovers. Fruit cubes made from 100% natural ingredients, the famous Armenian shujukh made by Aregi professionals with dried fruits adding is a delicious Armenian dessert made of nuts and thick grape syrup, Armenian fruit leather or sour lavash filled with dried fruits and nuts, dried persimmon bring extraordinary pleasure to everyone, who tries them. The tradition of dried fruits and delicacies making on the territory of Armenia dates back centuries. The company Aregi preserves the traditions at the same time modernizing the industry and replacing unhealthy snacks with 100% natural and tasty alternatives. Aregi original and delicious set “Symphony of Tastes” is a real pleasure in one package.